Lemonee Wee Redesign

The last of the Viccans.

The Viccans
Biographical information

In the forests of Brackenwood


Presumed nearly extinct

Physical description

Make and female

Eye colour

Presumably various

Hair colour

Presumably various

Skin colour

Presumably various

Personal information

The Dashkin


The YuYu

Chronological information

The Dashkin, the wildlife of Brackenwood

First appearance

Bitey of Brackenwood

Last appearance

The Last of the Dashkin (last visual appearance)
Prowlies (Brackenwood Wildlife Documentary Series) (narrated by the Viccan Lemonee Wee)

The Viccans are a race of magic-wielding people who used to live on Brackenwood at the same time as the Dashkin, before the two peoples vanished. Today only one member of the race remains on Brackenwood, the flying girl. The nature of the Viccans and the Dashkin, and who they were, is a mystery, only known by the last Viccan Lemonee Wee and the Auld Sage.

The Viccans numbered just over two hundred, were long-lived and ritualised their care for the natural world of Brackenwood.

History Edit

Once the world of Brackenwood was populated by the Viccans, who numbered just over two hundred. They lived in harmony with the horned Dashkin. The Viccans were knowledgeable in magic, long-lived and guarded the natural world of Brackenwood.

The Viccans were known to encourage and influence the Dashkin in their fledgling culture of art and music.

Disappearance Edit

One night, the Viccans disappeared from the world along with the Dashkin. While fighting a giant monstrous beast with the Dashkin, they were surrounded by a dark cloud, and was never seen again. The only Viccan left on Brackenwood was the young flying girl.

Culture Edit

Scared Viccan

The face of a scared Viccan.

The Viccans was a peaceful people. They practised magic or Viccanism, and were known for being knowledgeable in the nature and history of Brackenwood. It is likely that they collected information about the world and recorded it. They also, like the flying girl, were guardians of the forests and cared for the animals of Brackenwood. They tended to wear large garments, such as cloaks with hoods.
Dashkin and Viccans

A Viccan with Dashkin.

Anatomy Edit

Viccans largely resemble human beings.

Abilities Edit

Viccans flying

Viccans in flight.

The Viccans had the ability to harness magic and perform spells, such as commanding certain elemental forces, and could communicate with animals. They are also able to fly.

Trivia Edit

  • The word Viccan is derived from Wiccan, which is a practitioner of the Wicca religion, a contemporary pagan new religious movement which was develoved in England during the first half of the 20th century and introduced to the public in 1954 by Gerald Gardner. Wicca draws upon a diverse set of ancient pagan and 20th century hermetic motifs and theological structure and ritual practices, one of the main elements being the belief in and practice of magic. Wiccan practitioners of magic typically call themselves witches. (Read more on Wikipedia)
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