The YuYu is the 5th episode in the Brackenwood series. The episode was animated, written and created by Adam Philips. The episode introduces the YuYu and their powers for the first time. This episode of the series won the Cartoon Category at Flash Forward 2006.

The episode was originally going to be Waterlollies, the episode that would eventually come after The YuYu. Phillips e-mailed a personal hero of his, famous Pogues whistle player Spider Stacy, and asked if he could create a short 20-30 intro theme for use in all future Brackenwood episodes. Stacy did better than that. He ended up creating a 3 minute long song for Bitey and Phillips decided to use it in a short music video that would continue onwards from LittleFoot instead.


As it is primarily a music video, the plot of The YuYu is rather simple. Continuing from where LittleFoot left off, the YuYu begin to surround an unconcious Bitey in their dark cloud form. Bitey wakes up and is temporarily transported to the shadow world the YuYu send their victims, but manages to burst out the cloud and make a run for it. Realizing that the YuYu can move just as fast as he can, Bitey goes as quick as he possibly can and seems to leave the YuYu in the dust. But to his dismay, the creatures are waiting for him when he stops for a moment. Realizing he needs to fight them, Bitey charges through the cloud multiple times, dispersing it until the individual YuYu creatures are left exposed. They try to run, but Bitey quickly stamps on all of them and emerges triumphant.

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