A clamber of Prowlies

General information

Presumably by bodies of waters, such as lakes and rivers


Mainly fish




Black, green eyes, tails, strong limbs that work as both legs and arms

Chronological information
First appearance

Prowlies at the River

Last appearance

Prowlies (Brackenwood Wildlife Documentary Series)

Prowlies are a type of territorial, reptilian, piscivorous pack animals of small stature.

History Edit

Prowlies at the River Edit

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Encounter with Bitey Edit

Bitey encountered a group of prowlies at a river and attempted to scare them off so he could get a drink. The prowlies proceeded to gang up on Bitey and attack him but were eventually fended off to the other side. The group proceeded to laugh at the Dashkin when he realised he was drinking from a part of the river that Bingbong had urinated in.

Waterlollies Edit

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Bitey nearly runs into a group of prowlies playing in the forest, and is reminded of what happened last time he encountered the creatures and decides to evade them.

The Last of the Dashkin Edit

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While Bitey sleeps he dreams of his days as a baby. The earliest of his memory is waking up inside a globe tree with a group of young creatures, a few of which were baby prowlies.

Bitey also saw a prowlie fishing in shallow water. As soon as the creature catches a prey, Bitey dashed out to steal the meal from it, sending the prowlie flying away in the process.

Behaviour Edit

Prowlies are territorial, piscivorous animals living in packs known as "clambers." They tend to live in clambers of no more than five. When their numbers exceed this, any extra prowlies leave the clamber to start their own family. Prowlies know how to defend themselves when they work together, jumping at their enemies and using their hands to slap and punch. Prowlies are naturally curious, intelligent, and resourceful. They possess a sort of innate maternal instinct, sometimes going to extraordinary lengths to protect creatures smaller than themselves.

The prowlie's main diet consists salmogs and fish which they catch with their own feet/hands from rivers, either by swimming or grabbing them while standing in shallow waters.

Anatomy Edit

Prowlies are creatures of a small stature. They have a strange body structure in that they have only one pair of arm-like limbs, and walk on their hands. Their broad hands and grasping fingers allow them to run, swim and climb extremely well. Prowlies are covered in dark grey skin. They have small, jagged white teeth and rather large oval green eyes with pupils in the shape of black crosses. They also possess long tails that give the Prowlies somewhat of a tadpole shape.

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