An Petalfly waits for a meal

The Petalfly, previously called Umbrellafly by Brackenwood creator Adam Phillips, is an airborne creature that resembles an umbrella-shaped flower.

History Edit

Behaviour Edit

Petalflies flies through the air by pulsing its body, similar to how a jellyfish moves in the sea. When not airborne, the creature lies on the ground, upturned and open like a flower. With its colourful tentacles resembling pollen-coated flower parts, it attracts feathergnats towards it, and when they land on them, the petalfly snaps shut and eats up the gnats for food.

Anatomy Edit

Petalflies come in a variety of colours. They resemble an umbrella, with long colourful tentacles. The tentacles resemble pollen-coated flower parts when a petalfly is upturned.

Trivia Edit

  • The Petalfly was originally named the Umbrellafly by the creator of the Brackenwood universe, however the term "Umbrellafly" still persist somewhat. On the name change and the nature of the term "Umbrellafly", Philips have said that on the planet of Brackenwood flowers, and thus petals, exist, but umbrellas do not, and so the creature is known as a "Petalfly" there. It makes sense for the fact that the Petalfly is an airborne, sentient creature that also resembles a flower. And "Umbrellafly", according to Phillips, who still uses the term himself, is an English descriptive name existing outside of the Brackenwood world, I.E. it is something the audience calls it, based on the fact that its body is shaped like an umbrella, or an umbrella-like flower.
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