A Morrug.

Morrugs, also known as Bigfoot or Bigfeet plurally, are large, hairy, bipedal vegetarians, and are the forest's gentle giants. They serve as its guardians, watching over and protecting its inhabitants. Though usually peaceful, they do not tolerate mischief towards them.

When a Morrug is angry, its purple-red eyes turn green. LittleFeet can evem go into a 'berserker' mode when stressed as evidenced when Bitey was blocking a Littlefoots way back to its mother. Adult Morrugs roar and bare their long fangs when angry, to scare others away, and though extremely strong, rarely engage in physical contact.

The Morrugs' immense strength are demonstrated in LittleFoot when LittleFoot's mother picked up a rock at least twice her size and throws it at Bitey.

Notable Morrugs Edit

  • Bitey's adoptive parents — When Bitey was very young, he was taken in and looked after by two adult Morrugs. They fed him and cared for him, but cruelly and naturally abandoned him when they produced offspring of their own.
  • LittleFoot
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