The Mood Bird is a tiny bird whose disposition is reflected by the colour of their feathers, which change colour depending on their mood.

History Edit

Prowlies at the River Edit

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After having had his personal water supply contaminated by a chisel-lizard's dropping, Bitey speeds off from his hollow tree hideout to try and find another source of water, in the process landing on a tree, bending it down to the ground and, letting it go, slapped a Mood Bird in mid-flight with it. As a result the bird's feathers chnaged from blue to red.

Behaviour Edit

The Mood Bird are known for their feathers that change colours depending on their mood. When a mood bird is content, the feathers turn light blue, when it has been disturbed they turn green (presumably a defensive camoflage reflex), and when it is angry they become fiery orange-red. The bird has been observed in many other colours but the associated moods is a topic of speculation.

Anatomy Edit

The Mood Bird has no 'usual' colour as the colour of the plumage changes with its mood, and can do so almost instantly. Feathers displaced will always remain the colour they are at the time of removal. Mood Birds have round beady eyes, relatively long pointed beaks and a small crest of feathers on their heads.

Trivia Edit

  • Mood Birds are literally one of Brackenwood's most colourful inhabitants and are a Brackenwood parallel to chameleons.
  • Yellow and black are the most rare of mood feathers.
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