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Magic is a mysterious force, either supernatural or natural, existing on the world of Brackenwood and possibly beyond, as evidenced by the cross-dimensional Faeries and the YuYu, who are creatures of magic. Certain people can harness this power to weave spells and command certain elemental forces, or presumably even change certain aspects of the fabric of reality. Other beings are able to travel between dimensions at will. People who wield magic includes the Viccan flying girl and the Faeries and the YuYu who are both creatures of magic.

When used by Viccans, magic is referred to as "Viccanism".

Elements Edit

The elemental forces of fire, water, earth and air are present in the natural world and magic. These forces can be mastered by certain people to weave spells utilising them.

Water Edit

Water, also known as fliquirish (pronounced flickerish) is one element.

Trivia Edit

  • So far, the only elemental force that has been shown is water, utilised by Lemonee Wee to do her fliquirish magic.
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