This is the list of episodes of the animated series Brackenwood. The series premiered in 2004 and ha 7 episodes so far.


Main series Episode No. Release Date
"Bingbong of Brackenwood" 1 2002
Bingbong attempts to join in a dance with the Faeries, unaware of the dangerous magic at work.
"Bitey of Brackenwood" 2 March 29, 2004
Bitey's first appearance in the series, we are shown what happens when karma catches up with him.
"Prowlies at the River" 3 August 26, 2004
Bitey attempts to scare away from Prowlies from a river that he wants to drink from.
"LittleFoot" 4 November 8, 2005
Bitey encounters a lost little Morrug in the Brackenwood grasslands.
"The YuYu" 5 May 3, 2006
A continuation of LittleFoot, Bitey attempts to evade capture by the YuYu.
"Waterlollies" 6 November 5, 2007
After making the mistake of eating unshocked Waterlollies, Bitey is forced to travel at a slow, painful crawl.
"The Last of the Dashkin" 7 December 9, 2009
The first episode to break away from the usual silent narrative, we learn more about who Bitey is and where he came from. This episode is narrated by Emma Reynolds in the role of Lemonee Wee.
Brackenwood Wildlife Documentary Series Episode No. Release Date
"Fatsack" 1 June 22, 2016
This episode deals with the Fatsack. The episode is narrated by A.K. Alfadel.
"Prowlies" 2 April 1, 2019
This episode deals with the Prowlies and is narrated by Emma Reynolds as the voice of Lemonee Wee.


Future episodes Edit

Future Brackenwood episodes
"The Last of the Dashkin 2"
The episode will pick up where The Last of the Dashkin left off, with Lemonee Wee in pursuit of Bitey.
Future Wildlife Documentary Series episodes

Phillips plans to make more Brackenwood episodes in the future and hopes that it will one day make it to the big screen. Although he has created some storyboards for future installments, it is not yet finalized whether they will be animated or be officially included in the series.

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