Lee Darkin-Miller is a British musician and composer. Miller has worked on several Brackenwood projects, composing the end credits music for The YuYu, the music for the cancelled video game Dashkin (and the revival) and the opening theme to the Brackenwood Wildlife Documentary Series, which features a slightly altered version of the World Map theme from the cancelled Dashkin game. Miller is currently working on composing music for the revival of Dashkin. The first part of the game, a multiplayer football brawler game mode called BrackenSack, was released on December 23, 2017 and features music by Miller. Phillips and Miller have both announced that they are going to be selling the original soundtrack on Steam and on Miller's website.

Music produced for Brackenwood Edit

Year Brackenwood episodes Role Notes
2006 The YuYu ComposerEnd credits theme
2009 The Last of the Dashkin ComposerAll music
2017-2018 Dashkin ComposerMost music