Fleels are tiny black volant eel-looking creatures.

History Edit

The Last of the Dashkin Edit

As a baby, after the the disappearance of the Dashkin and Viccans, Bitey was attacked and chased by a group of fleels while eating plums, causing him to run fast and discover his quickness. As a result he began honing this ability and became the quickest being in Brackenwood.

Behaviour Edit

Fleels flies by moving in a rippling motion, much like a fish swimming through water but through the air. They fly together in swarms, and although they are typically harmless, if they are disturbed, they may attack by stinging with their pointy "ears."

Anatomy Edit

Fleels resemble little flying eels. Fleels have tiny, flat long black bodies. They have fins along the left and right edges of their bodies that work as undulating lateral membranes, allowing the creatures to fly. They have tiny, pointed heads with a pair of stingy hornlets on the back of their heads, and little red glowing eyes. Their bodies end in a pointy tail which it wraps around things like branches and hangs from, upside down, while it sleeps. Fleels also have a tiny mouth used for feeding. Fleels have a slight dimorphism of sexes; the females are slightly more round than the males and their pointy heads are shorter and their horns less pronounced.

Trivia Edit

  • The term "fleel" comes from "flying" and "eel". Adam Phillips based the name on the fact that the creatures resemble tiny flying eels.
  • Fleels sleeps upside down, much like a bat, and they have tiny protruding points on their heads, similar to a bat's ears.
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