Feathergnat hovering

Feathergnat hovering in the air.

Feathergnats are tiny insects that live in hive attached to tree trunks[1] and in nests in the grass of the forest.[2] They are the main diet of the Fatsack.[2]

History Edit

Waterlollies Edit

A feathergnat flew down to feed on a water dropplet. A dropplet then dropped down from a leaf above and shocked the gnat, causing it to fly away.[1]

BWDS episode 1: Fatsack Edit

It is explained that feathergnats are the main feed of the fatsacks, who disturbs the gnats by clawing in the grass and then inhales them into their trunk.[2]

Habitat Edit

Feathergnats live inside glowing bulbous hives that are stuck to the side of trees. In the hives, they produce an edible nectar which fills the inside of the bulbous enclosure. Feathergnats can also be found among grass.[1]
Feathergnat hive

A feathergnat hive attached to the branch of a tree.

Behaviour Edit

Feathergnats are highly protective of their nectar-filled hives.[1][3] The nectar, produced by the feathergnats, is sour but invigorating. A small dose of feathergnat nectar is known not only to satisfy hunger but also to provide a temporary burst of energy in its consumer.[3] They sometimes fly together in swarms. If their hive is disturbed, or taken, the gnats will collect in a swarm and chase their assailant and sting them with their appendages.[1]
Feathergnat feeding

Feathergnat drinking from a water drop.

Anatomy Edit

The feathergnat is tiny, long, delicate and white. It has invisible fins along the length of its body, all around it, giving it the appearance of a tiny white feather. With quick rippling motion, the fins propel the feathergnat quickly through the air. The feathergnat has a tiny, retractable green spear-like appendage, which sits in the middle of its flat "stomach". It is also lined with fins, which are also green. It also feeds and drinks with this apppendage.[1]

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