Hurt Fatsack

A Fatsack after an encounter with Bitey

Fatsacks are probably the most useless creature ever created. The Fatsack sits in the grass like an overfilled water balloon and when it needs to, it moves like one too. With its short trunk, it feeds by inhaling feathergnats from the air which are dissolved in its internal juices. Disgestion is an ongoing process within the fatsack, so gasses are released frequently and noisily from its trunk. Fatsacks have sharp claws but they only ever use them to tear grass and leaves in order to disturb feathergnats. Fatsacks inhale the gnats through their trunk.

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Bitey of Brackenwood Edit

In Bitey's first appearence in the series, he encountered a Fatsack and proceeded to use it as a football before batting it into the air with a stick. The Fatsack in question later appeared bruised and hurt but managed to get a Bigfoot to hurl Bitey away.

Anatomy Edit

The fatsack is small bags of weak digestive juices that slosh noisily as it moves. They have green eyes and yellow bodies. They have blunt claws, which they use to scratch at grass to disturb clouds of feathergnats, and a trunk which they use to inhale them. The trunk is also used to release methane gass as they digest the gnats.

The colour of the fatsack is a result of evolution without the need for camouflage. They have no predators so they didn't evolve with any defences. For the fatsack, Brackenwood was a perfect world until Bitey turned up.

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