The Faeries

Faeries are magical cross-dimensional creatures, capable of travelling between different worlds adjoining their own, like the YuYu. The faeries appear as tiny dancing flames and act as guardians to the forest. While in general the faeries prefer to be left undisturbed, they are well known for mischief. Still, any sort of intrusion upon their affairs will undoubtedly be punished. These punishments range from minor physical ailments to sorts considered too frightful to mention. In all, the faeries can be regarded as nothing short of dangerously unpredictable. If seen in a yellow colour, it is presumed that someone are not noticed or safe. If they turn a bright red or dark orange, it's time to leave.

History Edit

Nature and behaviour Edit

Faeries are creatures of magic and are able to harness their power to weave spells to cause harm. The faeries are interdimensional travellers, and through their magic they are able to travel between any dimensions and worlds adjoined by their own realm at will, much like the malevolent YuYu. Their own world has never been seen and is unknown.

While the faeries are known to have a playful streak, they like to go about their lives undisturbed and usually frown upon any intrusion into their affairs. Occasionally however, they will show sympathy towards a lost wanderer or helpless animal in the deepest, wildest parts of the forest. While they are usually aloof and treat outsiders with a mixture of caution and mistrust, both the flying girl and the Auld Sage are highly respected by the faeries and are always welcome in their realm.

If the faeries are disturbed, or if they decide to have some fun with someone, they can punish people in any number of ways. Mild punishments include headache, dizziness and nausea, but the heavier punishments are too terrible to mention. They have been known to trap people in their world with food, music or through a circular weaving dance. The sights and sounds of their revelry is so captivating that the passer-by cannot resist rushing to join the dance. The music gets louder, the dance gets faster and soon the victim vanishes from this world and finds themself in the next, where they will wander alone and aimless for the rest of their life.

How the faeries treats someone is largely a matter of luck, but they have a better chance to gain their favour if they respect the forest, move quietly and leave food for the birds and ants (such as honey, cake or biscuit crumbs).

Anatomy Edit

The faeries appear as tiny dancing flames with a humanoid shape, with arms and legs, and tiny yellow eyes, and a flame on top of their head, like a set of flaming hair. The faeries are usually whitish-yellow in colour, however if they decide to punish or do harm to someone, they will turn a bright red or dark orange.