Emma Reynolds is a British actress, voice artist, voice actress and narrator. Reynolds has lent her voice to The Last of the Dashkin, where she plays the role of the flying girl (at that time named Lemonee Wee) while she narrates the episode. Emma Reynolds is slated to appear as the narrator of future Brackenwood Wildlife Documentary Series, in the role of Lemonee Wee, having already recorded the newly produced Prowlie episode in addition to re-recording the lines of the Fatsackepisode, which will replace A.K. Alfadel's original voice work. She is also slated to appear as flying girl in The Last of the Dashkin 2, the sequel to The Last of the Dashkin, but it is unclear whether her lines will be narration like it was in the first part.

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Emma Reynolds is a trained British actress and voice artist and has had over 15 years of experience in various mediums, including voicing documentaries, adverts and e-learning videos, as well as dubbing.

Year Brackenwood episodes Role Notes
2016 The Last of the Dashkin The flying girl (narrator, voice)

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