Dandeants are tiny fluffy insects that inhabit the cavities in riverside rocks.

A dandeant near water.

History Edit

Prowlies at the River Edit

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In the middle of a lake, on a rock, a dandeant crawled onto the tail of a resting Prowlie, prompting the Prowlie to raise its tail and see the ant and subsequently helping it down on the ground again with one of its hands before leaving it behind.

Behaviour Edit

Dandeants are covered in white fuzz, which can be stripped from their bodies with a stiff breeze. Then the dandeant has only seconds to live but each strand of airborne fuzz carries a tiny egg, which lands, incubates and hatches a new dandeant.

Anatomy Edit

Dandeants are dimunitive white insectoids with a set of six stout legs and protruding antennea that are covered in a ball of white fuzz. With a breeze, the fuzz can be stripped from them, leaving a tiny sightless head along with its legs and antennea. Each strand of fuzz carries a tiny egg.

Trivia Edit

  • In the past the dandeant was called "hairy ant."