Chizel-lizards are amphibious creatures that can be heard endlessly chiseling holes into trees.

History Edit

Prowlies at the River Edit

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A chisel-lizard tried to chisel into a hollow tree that Bitey was sleeping in, much to the Dashkin's annoyance. When Bitey tried to grab the lizard through the hole it had made it hit him in the eye with its front spike. Eventually Bitey climbs down to the bottom of the tree. He removes a rock from one of the tree branches to reveal his own personal water supply, but just as he is about to take a drink, something falls into the water. Bitey sees the chisel-lizard and realises that it has contaminated the water with its dropping. Frustrated, he throws the rock at the creature and then speeds off into the forest to find another source of water.

Behaviour Edit

Chisel-lizards, though loud, are difficult to find and observe. With two identical spikes, it hammers holes into living wood, using both points equally well so it is difficult to distinguish the front of its head from the back. Other than the fact that the lizard eats wood pulp as it chisels, known from analysis of their stool, the diet of the chisel-lizard is a mystery.

Anatomy Edit

Chisel-lizards are small, have long bodies and long tails. Their entire body are a muddy-green colour while their small, round eyes are bright green. They have long legs with toes that seem to have adhesive pads, similar to a frog or gecko's toes, which they can use to grip onto and stick to any surface with. The head of the chisel-lizard have two identical spikes, one at the front and one at the back of their heads, which it uses to hammer holes into wood.

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