Blood Coats

A Bloodcoat

Bloodcoats are small, bipedal, arboreal, and fairly harmless insectivore mammals native to Darkwood. The name "Bloodcoat" is taken from the colour of their fur.

History Edit

Habitat Edit

Bloodcoats live in Darkwood. There they dwell peacefully in trees. Occasionally they can be seen flitting across a clearing as it goes in search of bugs and beetles.

Behaviour Edit

Bloodcoats are peaceful creatures who dwell in trees.

Anatomy Edit

Bloodcoats are small and bipedal. They have dense and shiny crimson fur. Much like flying squirrels, their skin is saggy like an oversized coat, and by extending its arms, legs and tail the skin stretches into wings that allow it to fly with quick flapping movements. It also has very dexterous hands, each with five naturally sticky fingertips, like those of a gecko, which help it to climb trees and grasp prey.

Diet Edit

Bloodcoats feed on bugs and beetles.

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