Bitey of Brackenwood is the 2nd episode of the Brackenwood series and introduces Bitey, Fatsacks, Morrugs and the flying girl for the first time. The episode took the runner-up prize in the first annual "Greatest Story Never Told" competition.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with a Fatsack sitting by itself in a small clearing in the forest. Suddenly a noise to the creature's left prompts it to look up in surprise and flee as Bitey burst of of the bushes and chases after it. Despite trying it's best to flee, Bitey eventually catches the creature and bounces it on his head like a football before batting it away into the air with a stick.

Bitey then comes across another clearing where a bright pink house in a tree resides. He notices a sign that shows it is the property of the flying girl and decides to investigate. Bitey jumps up to the house and looks through the window to see the Auld Sage and the flying girl having tea together. To create some mischief, Bitey proceeds to kick over one of Lemonee's plant pots and starts to leave just as the witch bursts through her door and attempts to hit Bitey by flying at him on her broom. This strategy doesn't work as she is unable to hit him. Eventually, Lemonee casts her water magic on Bitey and send him floating away.

Bitey continues to toss and tumble in the magic until a Morrug grabs him out of the water and holds him upside down by his foot. The Morrug looks to his left where the beaten and bruised Fatsack sits. Realising Bitey is the one responsible, the Morrug takes a run up and then kicks Bitey like a football into the air. The Morrug and the Fatsack both then wave as Bitey goes soaring out of sight.

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