Faeries Ring

A ring of dancing faeries.

Bingbong of Brackenwood is the first official episode of the Brackenwood series, and was animated, written and created by Adam Phillips. The episode was a finalist in the Cartoon Category at the Flash Forward Film Festival in March 2002. The episode also introduces Bingbong, faeries and the world of Brackenwood for the first time.


The episode begins with Bingbong chasing after what appears to be a firefly at night through the Brackenwood forest, eventually stopping when it flies to high for him to follow. Bingbong then hears music coming from the trees and proceeds to investigate. He eventually finds a group of faeries dancing and attempts to join in the dance himself. The faeries do not like this and begin to dance around Bingbong who is oblivious to what the creatures are doing. As the faeries dance faster and faster making their magic grow, Bingbong simply laughs and enjoys the dancing but suddenly stops. He looks below him and sees that the faeries have all apparently collapsed from exhaustion. Bingbong then noticed the same firefly from before and begins to chase it down again, still having no idea what just happened.

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