Auld Sage
The Auld Sage is a very old and very hairless Morrug. Despite the hallmark stupidity of Bigfeet, he is the wisest being in the world. And while he knows everything there is to know, he is much more interested in a long conversation with others (especially the flying girl), than imparting any knowledge or wisdom on request. The Sage loves his world and all in it, things nasty and polite alike.

History Edit

The Auld Sage first appears singing a Coldplay song in his eponymous short Auld Sage and has a short appearances in Bitey of Brackenwood and Waterlollies. In Bitey of Brackenwood, he is staying at the flying girl's house when Bitey appears to casue trouble. In Waterlollies, he is collecting the titular objects for an unspecified reason from a river.

Wisdom and possible role in the future. Edit

It is said that the Auld Sage knows everything that can be known, even if he does not reveal it directly. The Sage may shed some light on many of the questions raised in the latest episode of the series about the Dashkin and why/how they vanished.

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Not much is known about the Auld Sage, but he appears to be a very kind creature. He speaks slowly, much like an old human would and tries to help others despite how they act to him. This can be seen in Waterlollies, when he attempts to warn Bitey of the danger he faces after the Dashkin steals the Sage's basket of waterlollies and eats them before they have been shocked.

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The flying girl Edit

Appearances Edit

  • Auld Sage
  • Bitey of Brackenwood
  • Waterlollies
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